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Making sales is the most important activity in Business because every Business on Earth today exists to make profits which only comes from sales.

Sales are the livewire of any business and it is a game of numbers, that is, how profitable your Business is depends solely on the number of sales you’re able to close.

There are several reasons why several Businesses do not make enough sales no matter how good their product is, these reasons range from poor marketing strategy, not knowing your target audience, lack of connection between yourself and target audience and a host of others.

One of these or something else is probably the reason you complain of ‘NO SALES’ in Business, notwistanding, I want to reveal to you three Strategies to put an end to the dreaded ‘NO SALES’ in Business.

The first on this list is this, sell the destination not the vehicle.

This is one terrible mistake a lot of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs make, while trying to sell their product (vehicle) they talk so much about the product, all that it is and contains rather than talking about the results or solution (destination), what the product can do and what problem it is going to solve.

It is very important to note, whenever you’re selling, don’t focus on all that your product is, i.e its features.

Sell the solution your product is offering, tell your audience all they’ll get if they buy your product. Don’t forget to be as expressive as possible.

Secondly, sell yourself first before selling your product.

Do you know that your target audience buy you first before they buy your product or service?

If you’re able to sell yourself well, selling your product will be as easy as ABC. The bottom line is this, make your target audience believe that you’re credible and they can trust you enough to do business with you.

If your target audience do not perceive you to be an expert in your field of Business, then convincing them to buy from you would be much harder.

How do you do this?

By setting yourself as an Expert in your field and building a formidable and credible brand for yourself first before your business.

Lastly, stop selling and start helping.

This might sound absurd to you and you might have even gone as far as asking yourself how it’s possible to sell without selling.

The key to growing sales in Business is in this quote by Zig Ziglar – ‘Stop selling.  Start helping’

When you focus on selling your product, you’re focusing on yourself which is a selfish thing to do and would only chase your prospects away. This is why you should focus on helping your prospects by adding value to their lives.

Help them move from point A to point C for free and they’ll pay you any amount to move up to the last letter with your product or service. You can do this through content marketing and value based marketing.

Individuals are constantly searching for solutions, grant them some of these solutions for free and they’ll be willing to pay for your product or service.

That brings us to the end of this content. I believe you learnt something new.

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