Do you want to start a business but you’re lacking an outstanding idea to bring it into reality or do you already have a business but you’re searching for that one great idea that would take your business to the next level?

You see, most Entrepreneurs or Business Owners like you (if not all) understand the importance of ideas in making great impact, Influence and income.

That is why, a lot of them are looking for a “great” idea that would fall to them from the sky like a divine revelation.

Well, it doesn’t work that way, a new idea is born after calculated and intentional efforts made towards it, and those ideas that end up becoming world changers are often the simplest. Because, contrary to what you can read everywhere, you don’t necessarily have to come up with a revolutionary idea to make your business project a success.

It is very often a question of filling a lack that one has felt in a sector of activity or of a solution (product or service) put in place to meet a particular need.

An idea that brings a new solution making life easier for the target customer.

Now, the question is how can one come up with innovative ideas for Business

How to come up with innovative ideas for your Business

1. Take into consideration what you know (and love) to do

Entrepreneurship is sometimes a difficult adventure. As a business owner, you will bear it, in large part, on your shoulders but to scale through successfully, you must love what you are doing .

However, loving your business is not enough. You still need to be competent in your field of activity. You must make sure that you have sufficient knowledge to set up your project and also that you have the necessary technical know-how to carry out your activity.

Knowing your industry is essential. This will enable you to answer many questions such as:

Is the idea feasible?’What are the main rules of the game?”Do you have the right baggage to get started?”What brakes are you likely to encounter?’.

2 Talk to your family and friends, interview them and listen to them

An idea of starting a business can come from anywhere: from your professional experience, your pure imagination, your friends … and your family . If you want to become self-employed, take the time to talk to them .

Let them know your goals, your fears and your questions. Investigate their needs and ask them:

“In what area would you imagine me? “

Listen to what they say about you. They will be able to analyze your profile and tell you what your preferred areas are . But they will also have the courage to alert you to the dangers associated with carrying out certain activities.

Indeed, they know you better than anyone and know very well the areas in which you are gifted and those in which you are less gifted.

3. Observe and analyze your environment

Study your environment to find out what’s working and what’s not. Go laser focused on your search, go laser focused and search for ideas that are working and which ones aren’t.

What are your target audience demanding? What are their needs and wants?

Also, analyze why successful ideas were successful and why the failed ones failed and how the failed ones can be made to win and how the successful ones can be refined.

These are a few strategies to coming up with innovative ideas for your business whether you’re just starting or you’re scaling.

Tell me, which of them resonates more with you?

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