One of the news that broke the internet early this year is the emergence of Elon Musk as the world’s richest man.

The Tesla and SpaceX entrepreneur was catapulted into the highest slot after Tesla’s share price increased tremendously.

Musk displaced Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder who has been on the spot since 2017.

The Africa social media platform was filled with diverse congratulatory messages as well as motivational quotes to keep everyone abreast with his or her hustle.

In fact, I have seen young folks invest in diverse schemes and investment platform. Elon having an African origin has broken the glass ceiling of mediocrity in the continent and everyone just want to be rich.

The truth is that, beyond your present situation, within a twinkle of an eye, anyone can become the world’s richest. Let’s be more realistic, you can become very rich in a jiffy maybe not the richest but very rich.

The rationale behind this is that all humans have money. The money we all have is in a currency that is not acceptable as item of value unless refined.

Let’s take a look at Ezra and Shola – founders of Paystack – the ‘bhad’ guys who cashed out over 200 million dollar when they sold the company out.

Instant millionaires right ?

But as at 2015, Shola and Ezra both had this millions of dollar but in a different currency, a currency that is valued until it is refined and acted upon.

This currency is IDEA.

You will agree with me that every great businesses you see today are a product of an idea that was worked on. Just name them, Apple, Google, Facebook, Dangote etc were all a product idea worked on.

In the world of idea, only the action takers take the crown. No matter how wonderful your idea is, you need to act on it.

At Citraks, our idea is to create a unique visibility for African businesses without losing the African context. We have acted on this idea and that is why you could read this.

You’ve got an idea? Isn’t now the right time to act on them?

Remember, IDEAS are the money we all have. Act on it, refine it and become the next millionaire/billionaire the world is waiting for. So many futures hang on it.

Do not let them down!

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